Q&A: Michael Nigro, President of Nigro Construction

Having grown up in the construction and development industry, Mike Nigro has established a reputation for constructing quality projects throughout the Las Vegas Valley for over 25 years.

Q&A: Michael Nigro, President of Nigro Construction
Q&A: Michael Nigro, President of Nigro Construction

Having grown up in the construction and development industry, Mike Nigro has established a reputation for constructing quality retail, commercial, hospitality, reconstruction, and medical projects throughout the Las Vegas Valley for over 25 years. Established by his father Edward M. Nigro in 1979, Nigro Construction, Inc. has proven its success as a second-generation company dedicated to providing quality and innovation in construction.

1) What are some of the trends and insights you have about medical building design and construction? How does the evolving needs of medical facilities, especially post pandemic, shape the future of the healthcare industry in Southern Nevada?

The medical construction industry is seeing a major shift towards outpatient care facilities, including here in Southern Nevada. With a high demand for medical facilities that prioritize flexibility and adaptability, healthcare professionals are emphasizing the importance of creating spaces that can easily accommodate a wide range of medical services that include diagnostic, surgeries, and preventive care. As a result, medical buildings are being designed to accommodate a diverse array of outpatient needs in a patient-centered and efficient manner.

To meet these demands, architects and designers are integrating advanced technologies and innovative design concepts into the construction of outpatient facilities. As experts in design and construction, I believe it’s vital to continue learning and bring out-of-the-box thinking and innovative design to these facilities with the patient in mind. 

2) How do you see the healthcare construction and development industry contributing to the economic growth and diversification of Southern Nevada in the future?

We are already seeing a direct impact on the Southern Nevada economy as more robust healthcare facilities are created. Developing state-of-the-art medical facilities creates a ripple effect of opportunities, ultimately attracting and retaining new doctors to the area and allowing providers to offer increased healthcare services to residents while meeting the growing demand of medical care. Nigro Construction’s medical clients are shifting towards the development of specialty-focused facilities, to provide essential services that might otherwise be limited in the region, like the Comprehensive Digestive Institute of Nevada.

It's a win-win situation: better healthcare for us, and a thriving economy for Southern Nevada. 

3) How has the real estate construction landscape changed over the course of your career? What are some of the biggest differences you've seen?

There is always growth and evolution in the fields we serve, so our construction processes have naturally advanced as we adapt to industry changes. In the last few years, we've seen a shift toward retrofitting existing spaces, like office space, into medical facilities. There is complexity with this, but there's a real cost savings for providers. It's expensive to build new and to find the right land.

In the healthcare industry, specialty services were previously confined to hospitals, but as needs changed and technology advanced, outpatient diagnostic facilities and surgery centers became increasingly popular. Now, Nigro Construction actively works with smaller specialty providers who can own and operate their facilities – and we assist them in the process of finding an existing space, whether retail or office, to purchase and retrofit into their vision. This allows us to help our clients maximize resources in a more cost effective way, while revitalizing a vacant space within the community when usable land in the Valley to build new medical facilities is scarce.

4) How has your family's experience and legacy influenced your approach to real estate development?

Nigro Construction is a second-generation company founded more than 30 years ago here in Las Vegas. Growing up in the family business and watching our father lead the Nigro team, my brother Todd and I gained invaluable experiences that we carry with us to this day.

Among the countless lessons that have been passed down from generation to generation, one that sticks out the most is a lesson on the real estate side of our business. Our father instilled in us to never over leverage a project and always provide enough equity to sustain a downturn. We keep this in mind as the economy naturally fluctuates, but experiences like the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic truly re-instilled that important lesson.

While Nigro thrives as experts in the construction and development field, we are also in the business of relationships. In addition to upholding a legacy of architecturally advanced design, one of Nigro’s founding principles is providing superior customer service. We pride ourselves on acting as true partners for our clients and exceeding their expectations in the process.